Buttery Chardonnay: A Deep Dive into Chemistry and Consumer Appeal

Buttery Chardonnay: A Deep Dive into Chemistry and Consumer Appeal

In this report, we analyze the defining characteristics of buttery Chardonnay, the role of key compounds, and the distinct market segments it appeals to. The report also examines the differentiation strategies employed by a leading producer and introduces AI tools for winemakers to cater to diverse consumer preferences.

This report covers:

  • Analysis of Top-Selling Products: a comparative analysis of 10 best-selling Buttery Chardonnays and Regular Chardonnays, unveiling crucial chemical and flavor matrix differences.

  • Exploration of Oak and Secondary Fermentation: The report dives into how volatile oak compounds and aromatic compounds from secondary fermentation contribute to buttery chardonnay's differentiation. 

  • Predicting Consumer Appeal with AI: Using Tastry’s extensive database and AI, we predict the U.S. drinking population's preferences for one producer's buttery chardonnay and regular chardonnay.

  • Guiding Strategic Decision-Making: The report aims to provide winemakers with actionable data and insights to support future product development, along with a high level explanation of how Tastry can assist.

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